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Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

Expected Schoolwide Learning Outcomes prioritize and synthesize our Mission, goals, and objectives. 

Warren-Walker School Students Will Be...

Respectful and Responsible Citizens Who:
  • Demonstrate empathy and the ability to work well with others
  • Exhibit a commitment to moral values and community service
  • Follow directions and contribute positively to the learning environment
  • Demonstrate integrity when acting as an individual, in a group, on a team, or when using electronic devices
Successful Scholars Who:
  • Demonstrate fluency in oral and written language
  • Use numbers competently, and demonstrate understanding of mathematical principles
  • Transfer and apply cognitive skills and strategies in all subject areas and in real-life situations 
  • Incorporate technology for researching, organizing, learning and creating
  • Build vocabulary and acquire communication skills in a foreign language
  • Express creativity through the fine and performing arts
  • Develop and utilize effective study skills
Self-Directed and Independent Thinkers Who:
  • Assimilate prior knowledge, skills and experiences
  • Willingly gather, comprehend, and evaluate information from valid sources
  • Apply critical thinking and comprehension skills
  • Clarify, organize, and express individual thoughts and ideas
  • Independently produce quality work that integrates skill, knowledge, and critical, ethical and creative thinking across the disciplines
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The "Survey Says . . ." project in 6th grade math integrates primary elementary skills and concepts, while also invoking critical reasoning. The students exercise reducing fractions, long division, rounding numbers, drawing lines with a straight edge, and using a protractor and a compass. Creating survey questions that are limited to approximately 6 possible pertinent responses involves thoughtful consideration and students learn that personal experiences can ...
One of the key elements of a positive PE experience is the use of positive language, and the idea that students will do their best when they are inspired, not so much when they are intimidated....
In 7th grade students are introduced to metal working as the culminating piece of the incredible cross-curriculum Invertebrate Organism Project (IOP). The IOP begins in Science class building on research skills and learning about invertebrates organisms. From there they develop and write an in-depth research paper in English class that will serve as the content for an IOP website...
A workshop led by Mr. Eros with participants from 18 other schools - including coaches, classroom teachers, and Athletic Directors from a diverse range of grade levels - addressed the topic of creating a positive and inspired culture of learning.
Third grade teachers, Tricia Ring and Natasha Robinson, shared their Native American Unit as an example of multiple intelligences theory and practice with a group of lower and upper school teachers from many other private and independent schools.
Throughout each of our campuses, every grade is given an opportunity to explore and plant gardens. PK, JK and Kindergarten are learning about the life cycles of the butterfly, and planted milkweed to attract Monarch butterflies!
Second graders explore the science of physics through investigation surrounding energy, motion, gravity, force, friction, potential and kinetic energy, and much more! After weeks of study, this unit culminates with a field trip to Legoland and a roller coaster building project. While at Legoland
Caroline Fisk and Amy Hall presented a workshop at the San Diego County Independent and Private School Network conference about marketing and admissions.
Each day the halls and classrooms at Warren-Walker Middle School buzz with excitement from the myriad of activities and events happening. This month is no different.
By all measures, the independent and private school conference, "Shaping the Future", that all of our faculty, administration, and staff attended on Monday, was remarkable. I am proud to say that Warren-Walker School played a large role in its success, with several of us hosting workshops and chairing organizational committees. Such an event provides important opportunities for professional growth and development, which are key to the success of a School and the program it provides to the students it serves.
On March 5th, our Warren-Walker families showed their community spirit by supporting our "Helping the Homeless" program which provide healthy lunches for the homeless. Our La Mesa Lower School community made over 200 bags to provide to PATH, an organization that assists the homeless. The Director at PATH stated "One of the veterans said he took his lunch to work today. It reminded him of having a home to make a lunch in and it really made his day!"
All 3rd-5th graders are encouraged and invited to attend our Morning of Mindstorms. The early morning sessions provide an opportunity to further explore the world of robotics and hone in on programming skills. No sign-up or experience is necessary and all are welcome. Students should meet in the science room
This weekend is a great opportunity to do something for the environment and fulfill some of the required 8 hours of community service too!
Congratulations to Diego for qualifying to participate at the California State level in the National Geographic Bee!
Mr.s Iacono's After-School Yoga class visited seniors at the Golden Living of Point Loma in conjunction with our community service project led by our parent-volunteer, Angela Jones. Mrs. Iacono and our students invited the seniors to breathe and move with them through their sun salutations and poses. Mrs. I was proud of the level of respect and kindness displayed by our students.
Warren-Walker Middle School's annual Tea Ceremony and Asian Celebration. This elaborate event was the culmination of a comprehensive study of the histories of Japan and China in both English and History, where students read The Red Scarf Girl in History and The Samurai's Tale in English. The Tea Ceremony showcased this ancient art, as well as the students' research projects, tachi, decorated chopsticks, and war banners, all created by the students.
During a Monday Flag students talked about our September Character Trait of Friendship and applying what they have learned, students began making Valentines for the residents of Golden Living Nursing Home of Point Loma.
The 5th grade spent a night on-board an 18th century sailing ship returned a bit tired and dirty and with many good tales to tell...
In Steam Maker club for grades Kindergarten through 2nd, students were tasked with constructing a free standing support structure. Working in teams of 4 -5 they were given 20 pieces of spaghetti, one yard of string, one yard of masking tape which once built would support a marshmallow.
On February 2nd at 5:30pm, the 8th Grade will showcase their Living Art Performance.

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