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Specialist Programs

Unique to Warren-Walker Schools are the many enrichment programs taught by highly qualified and dedicated professionals. The goals of these programs are to expand the classroom learning experience, integrate interdisciplinary opportunities, and develop a well-rounded foundation of skills in our students.


Understanding the importance of learning Spanish in Southern California, teaching begins in kindergarten and is taught daily. Through direct instruction, dialogue, repetition, recitation, art, play, and song, students learn basic vocabulary, common phrases, and short dialogues leading to a very strong foundation when entering our Middle School. Most of our middle school students test into Spanish III or IV when entering high school, and the facility to learn a second language has led many to try a third.

Physical Education

Knowing the importance of daily exercise and physical activity for our students, Physical Education is taught daily beginning in kindergarten. Developing healthy habits and good lifestyle choices is a key to success. The Lower School program is lively and interactive, the emphasis being on cooperative play, not competition. The Middle School interscholastic sports program benefits from their level of fitness, strong skill development, and interest in maintaining active lives.

Visual Art

Formal art instruction begins in Kindergarten, although classroom art is readily taught in prekindergarten and junior kindergarten. The focus of study in the beginning is on the basic elements of art - line, shape, color, texture, form, space, and value. Students are taught to look at things from an artist's perspective, and work on drawing skills. The principles of design become an emphasis, as well. The students learn how balance, emphasis, pattern, rhythm, proportion, unity, and variety are used in a work of art, experimenting with them in various projects. "Art with the Masters" is a favorite topic, used to emphasize important aspects of art and art history. "Careers in Art" is another area of instruction, and students are taught a variety of skills including graphic design and cartooning. The topics are re-taught each year at higher levels with projects of increased complexity.

Music and Drama

Beginning in prekindergarten, students have regular music classes and drama for an extended period leading to a production at each grade level involving singing, dancing, and role-playing in full costume. Each class play is performed twice, once for students and faculty, and again for family and friends. In Middle School, students will each play an instrument in our concert band. Their knowledge of music gained at the Lower School makes it possible for these students to participate in a concert by December of their sixth grade year.

Computers and Library Skills

Instruction in computer and library skills begins in prekindergarten. These two programs are connected and enhanced by our strong Information Literacy and Technology Curriculum. In this "age of information," students must learn how to access resources efficiently and effectively. The Information Technology teacher teams with our librarian to assist our core curriculum teachers in helping students find the information needed to complete projects and write well-developed reports. Wonderful literature is shared with the children, from all genres, which is available in the classrooms, as well as the libraries.

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